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Phil Beals - Independent Watkins Consultant ID # 1183164


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About Phil Beals

About Us

From the beginning in 1868, J.R. Watkins has brought its line of natural, environmentally friendly products right to customers' doors via its trusted team of Watkins Consultants. "Watkins Man" quickly became a household name and visits from a Watkins Consultant were highly anticipated.  From the humble beginnings in Plainview, Minnesota, to a multi-national company, one thing has stayed the same: Our commitment to making hard-working products from high-quality natural ingredients.

That spirit lives on today, with men and women all over North America embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and joining the Watkins family.

Phil Beals is an Independent J.R. Watkins Consultant ID# 1183164, and has access to the full line of J.R. Watkins Naturals products available exclusively through Independent Consultants.

About Phil

The personal side of Phil:

  • Husband for 45 years to my best friend and business partner Trish and father to Timothy and Jonathan

  • Father in Law to their wonderful wives, Lisa and Melissa; grandfather to a very special young lady named Emma in Charlottetown, PE, and a grandson Henry and grand daughter Hailey in Ottawa
  • I love to read; enjoy classical music; loves golf, and summer and, yes, watching golf in the off season

  • Motivational communicator and educator; inspirational and recognized speaker and author

The professional side of Phil:

  • An entrepreneur and business owner

  • Began as a Watkins distributor in the mid 1980's selling door to door.  Re-established my presence and took it to the next step in 2019

  • A former college professor, as well as a workshop and seminar facilitator; leadership trainer and motivational coach; facilitates team building exercises

  • As a keynote speaker, spoken to thousands of students and adults

  • Spent many years in project management

The passionate side of Phil:

  • Passionate about my family. Passionate about people, relationship building and friendship. Passionate about enjoying the moment. Passionate about influencing others and hearing how I have influenced someone positively. Passionate about being all I can be

  • Passionate about motivating others to succeed

Phil Beals - Independent Watkins Consultant ID # 1183164

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